Journeying to Financial Freedom

We have been having a lot of discussions on what to do with our blog as our focus has been changing since I started to regularly listen to Dave Ramsey.   Don’t get me wrong, my gratitude practice still is, and I expect, always will be a part of my daily life.   Thus our domain name will remain wearegratefulfor.

What has changed is that we have gotten serious about taking control of our finances.  We are now keeping a monthly budget using Dave Ramsey’s EveryDollar and we are working on building our $1000 emergency savings for baby step 1 and looking forward to starting baby step 2, during which we will pay off all of our debt.

Thus moving forward in this blog, we will be writing about our journey to financial freedom in addition to occasional posts about what our cats are doing and other things going on in our lives.   Since this is a gratitude blog, we will talk about those who we are grateful to for helping us on our journey in various ways ranging from providing us with educational materials to inspiring us with their journey to the income streams we are using to help us build savings and pay off debt.

We hope that others who are on this debt free journey will find our blog and we can support and inspire each other.

I need to add one final note to this post.  One of the things that made me decide to keep this blog is that my brother had left comments on it.  My brother passed away on February 7, 2018.   I could not delete the blog with his comments on it so this will remain both as a record of our journey going forward and a tribute to my brother.