A Little Black Silhouette

We don’t keep the apartment lit up super-bright. So, it’s really kind of interesting to watch our cats wander around doing cat things. Especially with one of them – Night – often appearing as little more than a black hole in space ghosting through the apartment. It’s hard to explain, but their purity of movement, and especially Night’s appearance at times as just the essence of cat, smooth curves and silent steps, reminds me that cats chose to move in with humans, to provide us with their silent wisdom and comforting warm purring.

Of course, Night, having been brought in from the wild to live with us, is not quite the cuddler, at least not with me. Still, watching her curled up on Doreen’s bed, or slipping down the hallway, just emphasizes the elegance that is Cat.

Night contemplates the drink of water she just took.
Night contemplates the drink of water she just took.

And I always appreciate and am grateful for the beauty that is cats.

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