a sense of accomplishment

Today we are grateful for a sense of accomplishment. We managed to get through a task that has been on our to do list for quite some time now.


Our project

We had a large plastic bin full of assorted electronics items. I had tossed all sorts of electronic related odds and ends “of the I don’t know what this is, but it might be needed someday” variety into it. I knew it needed to be sorted out but it never seemed to be the right time.


Of course, the cats snoopervised as we worked

Today turned out to be the perfect day for it as Jamey was home because of the Labor Day holiday. I pulled out the bin (under the watchful eye of both cats) and handed all the electronic bits and bobs and gadgets and gizmos to Jamey to pass judgement on. He seemed quite happy with what he found. Having those components upfront with him in his wheelchair accessible computer / electronics area now means they have a much better chance of actually being used than they had stored away in a hard for him to access plastic bin under a table in the corner of the pantry / supply room.


One component of Jamey's wheelchair accessible electronics/computer area storage.
One component of Jamey’s wheelchair accessible electronics/computer area storage.


There were even a few items that I recognized and can use myself. Most of it, however, fell firmly into Jamey’s territory so I’ll leave it to him to highlight some of the goodies in the next paragraph. He found so much that he said would be useful for him that at the end of the sorting, I wished him a “Merry Christmas” as it felt as if he had just opened a bunch of presents.


Jamey's turn to write

A lot of what was found was not of the especially surprising or needful right now variety, but at some point in the future, could easily become real handy. Items included a pair of speakers powered by the headphone jack, which aren’t very loud, but work fairly nicely on my desktop computer so that I can listen to things and still hear Doreen, a couple of USB sound cards, various little audio cable stuff – a Y cord, an extension cord, the like – and some multi-voltage universal power supply devices. A DVI/VGA adapter showed up, some USB extension cables, and a couple of LiON batteries I need to check to find out what they fit. Oh, and USB/PS2 keyboard and mouse adapters – those might come in really handy! All in all, just a collection of YNK – You Never Know stuff.


Johnny makes sure we know what is really important

I think the one who was happiest of all for us to finish was Johnny as I store out of season clothing in plastic on top of the storage bins.  She thinks that makes a perfect place for a cat to settle in for a nap and promptly reclaimed “her” spot as soon as I had put things back into place.   After all, it was hard work watching us sort through everything to make sure we did it properly.


Johnny perched atop "her" storage bins
Johnny perched atop “her” storage bins


Have you gotten through a long time to do list  project that you are particularly happy about?


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