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I wish I had had started to work on  Amazon’s Mturk  platform much earlier.   It is perfect for me as I have good days, bad days and days I need help to just make it to the bathroom.  The latter are usually after I have yet again passed out and fallen (neurological) and gotten a new spinal or leg fracture.  Even on my good days, there is a definite limit to how long I can be productive before I start to have problems.  Needless to say that makes it impossible for me to work a standard job.  

Mturk allows me to work anytime of the day or night when and for as long as I feel able to do so.   My only commitment* is for the duration of the “hit” that I have accepted.   Some hits can take a few hours but those are very rare.  Many take only a few minutes and those are the ones I chose the most.      I don’t make a lot of money per hit in general but it adds up over time. 

*Note that for the first ten days on Mturk, you need to do at least one hit a day but after that you can work or not work as you chose each day.

Since January 2018, I have made $372.07 working on Mturk between pay and bonuses.    That is, of course, not remotely a living wage but it is definitely helping us in our combined goals of stopping living paycheck to paycheck and getting completely out of debt.    The thing that matters the most to me about it though is that I feel like I can finally contribute something (in addition to being caretaker/homemaker).

There is a learning curve to Mturk but Jamey has helped me with it as it is very important to be careful which hits you chose so that you get as few rejections as possible.   I am grateful to the many folks who put reviews on Turkopticon and create things like Hitscraper that alert me right away which requesters to stay away from because they have a history of unfairly rejecting hits so that they don’t have to pay for the work that the “Turkers” have done for them.   There are a lot of fantastic requesters out on Mturk too though and Hitscraper lets you mark your favorites making their hits easy to spot.

If you are interested in Mturk there are many good YouTube videos available on it and an active Reddit community for it.  I began my Mturk journey by following  Mturk Guide as I find her videos clear and easy to follow.   From there, I began to branch out to videos by other posters to learn more about different aspects of Mturk.

I have found the best thing to do is have multiple small income streams of this type.  My next post will be about Usability Hub.    I earn far less from Usability Hub than from Mturk but each of the income streams I am doing are ones that can be done when I am able to do so and that is what matters the most to me.


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