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Some health issues are slowing me down so I have been turning my desktop on only a few times a week and then often only for essential things such as budget and bills.    I hope to experiment with doing blog posts on my Chromebook, if I can find a way to create images on it.   My Chromebook is easier for me to use than my desktop computer, so if that works I can try to go back to almost daily blog posts. 

I am on my desktop today.   Since that is where my graphics software resides, I wanted to get a quick blog post up.

When not on our computers, Jamey and I share various activities from reading out loud to each other to doing crossword puzzles together.   (We used to do jigsaw puzzles together before Johnny came into our lives but to put one out now would be asking for trouble as it is an absolute certainty that she would see it as a new cat toy.)

We enjoy working crossword puzzles together
We enjoy working crossword puzzles together

Since I am a decade older than Jamey, it is fun to do crossword puzzles together as we often find that we fill in the gaps well in each other’s knowledge on some topics.   On others, such as modern entertainers, movies and TV shows, I am almost completely clueless.    I love ones based on the 1960s or earlier though as Jamey and I both have a decent working knowledge of history.  The crossword above had a “hippie generation” theme.

So that is what I am grateful for today – non computer based activities that Jamey and I enjoy sharing.


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