Johnny’s newest bed

Yesterday I wrote about Johnny’s penchant for sleeping inside of my night stand and knocking the few books I keep in there out unto the floor so that she could spread out.   Last night, I came up with a solution.

When we got our new dryer a few weeks ago, we removed the “milk crates” that the old one had been resting on.   I had been trying to figure out what to do with them.     I realized that since there were two of them already tied together and fairly sturdy, I could use the top one for a book case for the few books that I keep in the bedroom and turn the bottom one into an additional cat bed.    

As the picture shows, Johnny approves.

Johnny has given the newest "cat bed" her seal of approval.
Johnny has given the newest “cat bed” her seal of approval.

So today’s gratitude is for repurposed items, especially ones that bathe more than one bird in the same bath.    (I always use a variation of the phrase “bathe more than one bird in a bath” rather than the common one regarding killing multiple birds with a stone as I firmly believe that given a choice in the matter, any bird would rather have a bath than be killed.)

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