Our Snoopervisor Cats

Our two Snoopervisor cats watching me sweep
“Snoopervisors” Night and Johnny watching closely while I sweep

The gratitude in today’s post goes to those who also blog about cats.

I love to learn new words and sometimes I find one that really tickles my fancy.  I recently read an article titled Famous and Fabulous Library Cats where I learned about Tober, who prior to his passing in 2015, was the much loved library cat at Thorntown Public Library in Thorntown, Indiana.  He even had his own blog (which has since been taken over by Chance, library cat in training).   Tober’s duties included “guard and snoopervisor.”   As soon as I read that, I knew I needed to do a blog post about our own two snoopervisors.

Our cat Johnny watching from a high perch as I sweep
Snoopervisor cat Johnny looks down on me as I sweep to make sure I am not missing any spots.

Jamey often hears me ask them “what am I – the Pied Piper?” as at least one, and often both, tend to follow me from room to room as I do my chores.  It is rare for me to be able to sweep the floor, wash dishes, do laundry, etc. without at least one of them within a few feet of me, keeping a close eye on the proceedings.   It is not uncommon for one or both to position themselves in such a way that they can try to keep an eye on what both Jamey and I are doing when Jamey is home from work.  After all, a good snoopervisor takes pride in knowing what both of her humans are up to at all times.   

our black cat, Night, looking out the window
Night carefully monitors traffic outside to make sure that I won’t be disturbed while I sweep.

The first picture shows both of them watching carefully as I sweep up their tracked cat litter.*   In the second picture Johnny, who loves high perches, looks down at me as I sweep while Night (as shown in the final picture) guards against any dangers that might come in from outside to disturb me while I am sweeping.

*Note:  We have tried multiple things to keep the cats from tracking litter over the wood floors in our new apartment.   In order to make the apartment more wheelchair accessible, we asked to have wood rather than rugs in as much of it as possible so that it is easier for Jamey to travel throughout the apartment.   The problem is that the wheelchair rolling over tracked litter grinds it into the wood floor, necessitating the above mentioned need to sweep before anything else each morning (and usually several other times during the day). I plan to add the Woopet jumbo cat litter mat recommended by Jenny Dean from the  Floppycats blog to our growing collection of litter mats in the near future. 

If you have found a solution to reduce tracked cat litter that works particularly well for you, please leave us a comment below as I would love to start the day without having to sweep up scattered litter before anything else.  Thank you.

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