While healing from another back injury this past week, I have been mainly using only mobile devices rather than my desktop which is why there have been no blog posts.  

One of the things I did on one of my mobile devices (my Amazon Fire) is to have some fun with the Superphoto application.

I find it hard to get good pictures of Night since she is almost completely black.   I pulled a picture of her sitting next to a cat toy into the Superphoto app and came up the following ways of portraying my favorite black cat:

The Superphoto application allowed me to portray my favorite black cat, Night, in some creative ways.
The Superphoto application allowed me to portray my favorite black cat, Night, in some creative ways.

While at it, I snapped a picture of Jamey while he was on the phone with my surrogate Dad and had some fun with it.   Since Jamey is (by anyone’s definition of the word) a Geek and proud of it, I used a Rubik’s Cube as the backdrop for his photo.

my favorite Geek on a Rubik's Cube
my favorite Geek on a Rubik’s Cube

So today, while I am still recovering from my most recent back injury*, I am grateful for my mobile devices and the many things I can do with them when I am not up to using my desktop computer.

Yes, today is Sunday and should be Jamey’s day to post but he is asleep and I have not posted all week so I am posting today instead.  I am including the Jamey’s post tag on this one even though I am writing it as it features a picture of him and talks about why he is not doing one today.

*Due to my osteogenesis imperfecta, my spinal column is collapsing (which is why I am down to 4’6″) and I am very susceptible to back injuries.  

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    1. Hi brother,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry that it took me 2 days to see your comment but I have barely turned my desktop on at all this week. Hopefully next week will be better.

      Let me know if you try the Superphoto application and what you think of it. It has a lot of choices.


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