Walmart is close and has almost everything we need. That is important to us, since I cannot drive (for medical reasons). I can easily walk over to Walmart when necessary.

Walmart's parking lot
Walmart is only about a 5 minute walk away.

With very few exceptions, they have almost everything we need most of the time so we rarely need to go to any other store.   What we can’t get at Walmart, we usually just get online from Amazon.


Our new digital camera / video recorder

Today we picked up an ONN 18-megapixel digital camera with a 2.4 inch screen with 4x digital zoon and a 16 GB SD memory from Walmart that records pictures and videos.  


Starting a cat video YouTube channel

I plan to use it for taking more videos of the cats as I do want to start a small YouTube channel based on our cats because

  • they are so central to our lives
  • I think other cat lovers will enjoy their stories
    1. as they both had a very rough start in life and 
    2. being positive for Feline Leukemia, will both have a much shorter lifespan than normal
    3. yet, at this time both are happy and enjoying life and keeping us entertained with their antics

For now, I will be experimenting with the new camera and watching lots and lots of YouTube videos to learn how to start a new channel.    I will also post the cat videos to the blog so that readers can actually see the antics of our cats instead of just reading about them in our posts.


Night and “her” kitten

Night (female cat) saying "This one (kitten) is mine!"
Night saying “this one is mine!”

In September of 2016, we ended up with 3 kittens born to a feral mother with Feline Leukemia.   Despite 6 vet trips and extensive nursing, two of the three kittens died before they were a month old and their mother was not doing well either.  

Long story short, we came very close to losing the third kitten also.  We were so thrilled that she survived that we named her Johnny 5 as in “Johnny 5 is alive” from the movie “Short Circuit.”    She does have Feline Leukemia too but we are determined to make whatever lifespan she has as filled with love as possible.

Thus our “we are grateful for” today goes to our adult (spayed female) cat Night who adopted Johnny as “her” kitten and helped us raise  her.   Every time I look at the picture in this post,  I have to smile as I imagine Night’s body language is proclaiming “this one is mine!”

Note: that picture was taken when Johnny was not quite 5 months old.    She is now a shade over 10 months old and slightly larger than Night.   When Johnny was younger, we regularly saw Night hold her in place and give her a thorough grooming.   Now-a-days, it is not uncommon to see Johnny hold Night down instead and groom her.  They still sleep, eat and play together on a regular basis, so we count ourselves very lucky to have two cats who get along so well together almost all of the time.