I can choose how I respond to each situation

There was no blog post yesterday because I ended up with an unexpected medical situation that just wiped me out physically and mentally.   I just didn’t have it in me to even turn on my desktop computer, let alone work on the blog or do any social media when I returned from unplanned doctor and pharmacy visits.

Today I have a headache (likely side effect from the antibiotic) that is not making it easy to be on my computer, but I am determined not to miss doing today’s daily gratitude post.

And I am grateful today, as I am everyday.

I always have the choice of how I will respond
I can choose how I respond to each situation

Today I am grateful that:

  1. When I called the receptionist at my doctor’s office yesterday she was able to get me in to see him within a few hours
  2. That the pharmacy is so efficient I did not need to wait long.
  3. That this occurred yesterday when Jamey did not have to work and could take me to the doctor and pharmacy without taking time off from his main job.   (I am unable to drive.)
  4. my Amazon Kindle Touch – such an easy way to grab a favorite book to take with me while waiting for the doctor and pharmacist
  5. and, most of all, that after so many years of studying the works of many spiritual teachers, my training kicked in immediately yesterday when needed to remind me of such things as “even though I cannot always control what happens, I can choose how I respond to the situation.”    That helped to immediately pull me out of the negativity that the pain and fear had started in me and made the day much better than it would have been otherwise.