Here Be Dragons

Jamey wrote a post on unicorns Sunday, so I am doing one on dragons as one of the things we have in common is a love of  fantasy  (even those stories that don’t include dragons or unicorns such as Nathan Lowell’s Tanyth Fairport Adventures) and whimsy.

I have long loved dragons and am grateful to the authors and artists who make them come alive for us.
I have long loved dragons and am grateful to the authors and artists who make them come alive for us.


Dragonriders of Pern

I love Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series.  My favorite in the series is All the Weyrs of Pern.   I have listened to the audiobook so many times that I know chunks of it almost by heart.


Dragon Fanfic

Jamey is an avid fanfic reader.   A few years ago, he introduced me to one that he thought I would enjoy as it combined the dragons of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern universe with characters from Harry Potter.      We followed the installments for as long as they were written but sadly the author died.

Since then I have had an eye out for another dragon series to follow.   If you are wondering why it took me so long to find one, given how much fiction about dragon exists, it is because I prefer my fantasy to be g-rated, no more than pg, with little to no violence and some humor.   Equally important is that the dragons be recognizable individuals with human friends that they can communicate with.   Once you restrict it that much, it is not quite as easy.


Beaufort Scales

I am thankful to say that I recently found a writer whose dragon stories meet those qualifications:  Kim M. Watt and her tales of  Beaufort Scales.    It was pure serendipity that I stumbled upon her site where her banner caught my attention immediately:  “Here be dragons. And cats, and other stuff.”

Her site includes

  • an introduction to Beaufort Scales page which includes a list of links to everything she has written about him so far
  • 3 short stories about him
  • a 5 part cozy about him

If you enjoy the type of dragon stories that I do, I encourage you to check out Kim Watt’s Beaufort Scales.    I have read everything she has written about him thus far and am looking forward to future installments in the series.

If you find you enjoy her stories, ramble around on her site for a bit and you will find plenty of links to her other stories.


Here Be Dragons

I have long loved the phrase “Here be dragons” (or “Here there be dragons”) that was supposedly written on uncharted areas of old European maps to depict unknown dangers.    I usually love to learn new things but was sad to find out that is one of those things that everybody knows but is not completely true. Nonetheless, I still get pleasure from the phrase.


Today's gratitude goes to
  • Anne McCaffrey for the many, many hours of pleasure her writings have given to me
  • to Bobmin for Beneath Sovereign Skies (the Pern/Potter fanfic crossover)
  • to Kim Watt for Beaufort Scales
  • and to the folks at MapHist, the Map History Forum, for setting me straight on the history of the phrase “here be dragons.”

If you love dragons, do you have a favorite author/series that you would like to recommend?


Family Relaxation Time

I wasn’t feeling too well when Jamey got home from work last night so I just curled up next to him to rest for awhile.   We usually listen to Nathan Lowell’s Talking on my Morning Walk (TOMMW) podcast later in the evening but I decided to put it on while resting.

Both cats came in to join us.   Johnny jumped up on the window and Night settled down to relax by my feet.

Relaxing together as we listen to Nathan Lowell's podcast
The whole family (including out of the snapshot Jamey) relaxing together as we listen to Nathan Lowell’s podcast.

Johnny is Jamey’s cat and Night is my cat.   The two of them together are our cats.   All four of us together are a family.   My favorite times of all are when our whole family is together like this.   (You can’t see Jamey in this picture but he is there on my other side.)

I am very grateful that we can share times like this on a regular basis.

What does your family enjoy doing together?


Thank you, Nathan Lowell

Ravenwood by Nathan Lowell
Ravenwood, my favorite book by Nathan Lowell, is the first book in his Tanyth Fairport Adventures fantasy trilogy. The heroine is a strong, independent woman who has traveled for twenty winters to learn all she can about herbs and medicinal plants. She is a woman of integrity and compassion and that guides her actions in all of her adventures from when she first stops to help a village in need of a healer and on into Zypheria’s Call and The Hermit of Lammas Woods.

I was struggling with adding a RSS feed to our gratitude blog last night so Jamey suggested that I ask Nathan Lowell as he uses it regularly for his podcasts. Even though he was working on his current book Suicide Run (the follow-up to Milk Run) in his Smugglers Tales series, Nathan took the time to work through with me the issues I was having and even researching the link that I needed to get things working.   I have added a RSS Feeder Info page to our blog to try to assist others who may be having similar issues.

If you are not familiar with Nathan’s work, he is the author of one of my favorite series – The Tanyth Fairport Adventures in addition to the space opera series The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper.     If you have read and enjoyed any of his books in the latter series, he does have an active Facebook group devoted to it.    Those who join get their own sponge number and become part of a group of intelligent and sometimes quirky Nathan Lowell fans who post regularly on various topics related to his Solar Clipper series.  

Thank you again, Nathan, for taking the time to help Jamey and me figure out what we were missing on our RSS feed.  Your help was greatly appreciated.

Note:  While many of our gratitude posts will be on what we appreciate about our cats who are an integral part of our daily lives, another common topic will be things that make life easier or more enjoyable for us.  Since Jamey and I are both avid readers, from time to time we will write about favorite authors and books as we are very grateful indeed to the authors who have given us so many hours of reading pleasure.