Little Free Sharing (Library and Food Pantry)

So, Doreen normally does these “We Are Grateful For” posts, but all along, she’s wanted me to do some of these.

So, I’m doing one today.


Something I am grateful for:

The small ideas, shared over the Internet that can have a huge impact if repeated and implemented often enough.


Two cases in point:

The Little Free Libraries.  These are little boxes scattered around towns (we have three of them that I’ve found here where we live) that hold books free for the taking.  Of course, if everyone takes, they empty out quickly – so a lot of people simply put more books in.  Perhaps they put in books they bought and read and enjoyed, and want others to enjoy, perhaps they simply return ones they took and find new ones to take.  Either way, people share, and I find something that tells me that people actually aren’t nearly as bad as is painted in the news today.


Little Free Library
Little Free Library


The Little Free Pantries.  Again, little boxes scattered around towns, but this time, people put canned food, diapers, and other necessities free for anyone to take.  Again, of course someone has to put stuff in – sometimes, it’s churches, sometimes it’s people who had to take stuff at one point and are paying it forward, sometimes it’s just people who feel like doing it.  We just got one of these in our town – it’s a converted outdoor newspaper machine, with the coin box cut off and painted up nicely.  Apparently, according to the lady who put it up (who I know personally), it’s been doing nicely so far.


Little Free Pantry

    A Little Free Community Cupboard


Gratitude and Optimism

These kinds of things give me hope for the future.  They say to me that people really do care, people do share, and people will be there.  And I am so grateful for that, instead of all the negative news it is so easy for people to immerse themselves in.