One step closer to our YouTube channel

We are still working towards eventually creating a YouTube channel where we can share short videos of our cats’ antics.  We are going with Adobe Premiere Elements 15 as our initial software.

When I checked Amazon for it Tuesday, I was quite happy to find that it was Amazon’s Gold Box deal of the day.  I love synchronicity!   We picked it up for 50% off of the regular price, bringing us one step closer to creating our YouTube channel.

It is due to arrive September 21st.  Between now and then, I will continue to spend time watching tutorials on YouTube both on

  1. specifically how to use Adobe Premiere Elements 15, and
  2. starting a YouTube channel.


I am grateful to Amazon for the 50% off sale and to all of those who do videos on YouTube to help beginners like myself learn. Most of all,  I am grateful to our cats, without whom we would not have an incentive to begin a new endeavor.   We may be biased, but we believe others will enjoy their life stories and antics.

Johnny's reaction to learning that we are planning a YouTube channel featuring the antics of our two rascals.
Johnny’s reaction to learning that we are planning a YouTube channel featuring the antics of our two rascals.


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One of the lessons I have learned from my daily gratitude practice is that the more I am grateful for, the more instances of synchronicity I experience which give me more reasons to be grateful.

Gratitude often leads to synchronicities that lead to more reasons for gratitude.
The more one is grateful, the more synchronicities seem to occur, resulting in more opportunities for gratitude.


For example:

A few days ago, Jamey and I looked at the stackable nine cube organizers (hereafter referred to as a credenza) at Walmart for some of his books, DVDs and electronics.   Before he was in a wheelchair, Jamey could easily have picked one up.  Those days are gone.  

I am down to 4’6.”  Many years ago, I was a whole 4 foot 10 and a quarter inches.  (When you are as small as I am, every quarter inch counts!) Between my size and my osteogenesis imperfecta, there was no way that I could lift the credenza.

That left us knowing we would need to ask for help (and grateful that there are people willing to do so).    We talked about asking Denise who assists us with the cleaning I am unable to do.

Lo and Behold, when we were dropping garbage off at the dumpster yesterday, who should come walking by but Denise. This is the first time we have ever met her there – definitely a synchronicity for it to happen when we needed her.

As usual, Denise was happy to assist and it wasn’t long before we were back home with Jamey’s new credenza.   He promptly set it up. Johnny did not like the hammering but came out to see what was going on once it was finished, after all a “Snoopervisor” cat has to do her duty.


Johnny and Night “snoopervising” as I take a picture of the new credenza.


Thank you, Denise.  We both very much appreciate  you.