Repurposed Items

Today I am feeling particularly grateful for repurposed items. Here are three examples:

(1) I started thinking about them this morning while feeding the cats their daily treat.     When they both hop up on my cot in the morning, I know they are ready for it.   Thus I keep a plastic container on one of my nightstands with their Temptation treats. Originally it was purchased for storing muffins in (and worked great for that) but once Jamey became wheelchair bound and thus no longer able to be as active in order to burn calories, I stopped making baked goods.  It works perfectly as a repurposed treat container.

Formerly a home baked goods container (usually muffins) repurposed for cat treats storage
Formerly a home baked goods container (usually muffins) repurposed for cat treats storage


(2) An additional reason to stop baking was that my own weight had gotten out of control.  I am determined to get back to a healthier weight for my size (4’6″) to which end, I purchased a basic watch/pedometer from Walmart and began to look for options for an .mp3 player to encourage me to walk more.

As I researched the best .mp3 players for audiobooks, I came across the suggestion of using an old cell phone.    Jamey had taken my old cell phone to the library to use to test hot spots for patrons.   He said he could use his current one for that purpose and brought my old one back to me.   With no other apps on it other than Overdrive and Amazon music (plus the built in ones you can’t delete), it has plenty of room (unlike my current cell phone) for an audiobook and some music to accompany me on my walks. It works perfectly as a repurposed .mp3 player.

my old cell phone repurposed to an .mp3 player for audiobooks and music
my old cell phone repurposed to an .mp3 player for audiobooks and music


(3) Once upon a time I had a nine hole credenza that worked very nicely for storing my yarns (sorted by color family).  Then Johnny came into our lives.  When she was very young, she was oblivious to my yarn.    I was thanking my lucky stars for that until she reached about 7 – 8 months of age.   Once she “discovered” my yarn, she made it very clearly known that henceforth all yarn was to be considered a kitty toy.   

My yarn ended up getting packed away until our move.  It now resides in our pantry / supply room / craft room and the 9 hole credenza  has become part of Jamey’s wheelchair accessible computer / electronics area.     It works perfectly as a repurposed storage area for some of Jamey’s electronics and tools.

One component of Jamey's wheelchair accessible electronics/computer area.
One component of Jamey’s wheelchair accessible electronics/computer area.


How about you?   Have you repurposed something that works perfectly for its new function?





Handicapped Parking

Today I am grateful that Jamey has handicapped parking.   His parking spot at our wheelchair accessible apartment  

  • allows plenty of room to get his wheelchair in and out of our car without any worries that it might hit the car in the next spot and 
  • a ramp to allow him to get from the car to the apartment and vice versa on his own


Jamey's handicap parking spot at our apartment
Jamey’s handicap parking spot at our apartment makes life much easier


Another way that Jamey’s handicap parking comes in useful is at Walmart.   It is much easier for Jamey to ride one of the Walmart carts then push his wheelchair all over inside of the store.

When we get to Walmart, I go into the store to find a cart and then bring it out to the car for him.  If he did not have handicap parking, he would not be able to park close to the store in a spot that is wide enough for me to easily drive the cart right up to the front door of the car for him.

At our previous apartment, I had to take his chair on a very circular route including over a large area of grass in order to avoid the stairs.   That memory is still fresh for me.  Thus I am very appreciative of the ease of getting Jamey in and out now.

So today I am grateful for everyone who helped us get handicap parking for Jamey.





One of the lessons I have learned from my daily gratitude practice is that the more I am grateful for, the more instances of synchronicity I experience which give me more reasons to be grateful.

Gratitude often leads to synchronicities that lead to more reasons for gratitude.
The more one is grateful, the more synchronicities seem to occur, resulting in more opportunities for gratitude.


For example:

A few days ago, Jamey and I looked at the stackable nine cube organizers (hereafter referred to as a credenza) at Walmart for some of his books, DVDs and electronics.   Before he was in a wheelchair, Jamey could easily have picked one up.  Those days are gone.  

I am down to 4’6.”  Many years ago, I was a whole 4 foot 10 and a quarter inches.  (When you are as small as I am, every quarter inch counts!) Between my size and my osteogenesis imperfecta, there was no way that I could lift the credenza.

That left us knowing we would need to ask for help (and grateful that there are people willing to do so).    We talked about asking Denise who assists us with the cleaning I am unable to do.

Lo and Behold, when we were dropping garbage off at the dumpster yesterday, who should come walking by but Denise. This is the first time we have ever met her there – definitely a synchronicity for it to happen when we needed her.

As usual, Denise was happy to assist and it wasn’t long before we were back home with Jamey’s new credenza.   He promptly set it up. Johnny did not like the hammering but came out to see what was going on once it was finished, after all a “Snoopervisor” cat has to do her duty.


Johnny and Night “snoopervising” as I take a picture of the new credenza.


Thank you, Denise.  We both very much appreciate  you.



Walmart is close and has almost everything we need. That is important to us, since I cannot drive (for medical reasons). I can easily walk over to Walmart when necessary.

Walmart's parking lot
Walmart is only about a 5 minute walk away.

With very few exceptions, they have almost everything we need most of the time so we rarely need to go to any other store.   What we can’t get at Walmart, we usually just get online from Amazon.


Our new digital camera / video recorder

Today we picked up an ONN 18-megapixel digital camera with a 2.4 inch screen with 4x digital zoon and a 16 GB SD memory from Walmart that records pictures and videos.  


Starting a cat video YouTube channel

I plan to use it for taking more videos of the cats as I do want to start a small YouTube channel based on our cats because

  • they are so central to our lives
  • I think other cat lovers will enjoy their stories
    1. as they both had a very rough start in life and 
    2. being positive for Feline Leukemia, will both have a much shorter lifespan than normal
    3. yet, at this time both are happy and enjoying life and keeping us entertained with their antics

For now, I will be experimenting with the new camera and watching lots and lots of YouTube videos to learn how to start a new channel.    I will also post the cat videos to the blog so that readers can actually see the antics of our cats instead of just reading about them in our posts.