Two cats in the window

Two cats looking out the window
Seals and Croft have “two cats in the yard” and we have two in the window.

Today’s gratitude topic is the adaptability of our cats as one of the things I was most concerned about with our move to the wheelchair accessible apartment (besides how was I going to manage to get Night into a carrier to bring her over*) was how our cats would adjust to the changed views from the windows.  In our previous apartment, the windows looked out on the woods and the cats could sit there for hours watching birds and wildlife, in addition to other cats that wandered by and even an occasional dog out for a walk with his or her humans at the treeline.   The windows in our new apartment look out on the parking lot though and I thought our cats would be either frightened or bored by the view.

The first couple of days they were indeed frightened every time a pedestrian or car went past but they have adapted well and regularly spend time now singularly or together keeping watch on the happenings outside.   There are some shrubs and a small area of lawn which attract birds but as far as I can tell, they are now even enjoying watching the traffic outside.  

I am grateful that my concern was unfounded and they now enjoy daily window time.  

*Note:  As it turns out, I didn’t even have to worry about getting Night into her carrier.   Knowing that a move was coming, I had left it out for her (with towels inside and the door propped open) for a couple of months prior to the move.  She started to use it as her bed some nights.  I woke up at 4:30 AM on our move day and immediately went to see where Night was.   I cannot begin to express how thankful I was to find her sound asleep in her carrier!

We popped Johnny into her own carrier and immediately brought them over to our new apartment.  Jamey stayed with them while I remained in our old apartment to wait for the movers.  A lesson to remember next time I find myself wondering and worrying “but how will I …?”

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